Do it yourself line

The range of products of DIY S-Line includes articles for the retail sector and Hardware stores. Double-sided foams and anti-slip tapes available in bulk, packed in SL brand blister or in special packaging with a private label.

Thanks to the production capacity and experience of the graphic design staff you can totally customize the blisters according to the customer needs, both in terms of product type and graphics.

All tapes are available in bulk, for customers who manages the processes of packaging.
The available size are shown in the table below.


1" CORE 19 mm x 1,5 m 25 mm x 1,5 m 19 mm x 5 m 25 mm x 5 m
3" CORE 19 mm x 10 m 25 mm x 10 m    


SAFETY TREAD and ANTISLIP tapes are perfect products to secure stairs, ramps and platforms. They can be packaged in blister with 5 die-cut strips or rolls.


SAFETY TREAD 19 mm x 600 mm
ANTISLIP 19 mm x 600 mm


All double-sided SL Tapes can be packaged in elegant blister with SL brand or personalized. In the catalogue are available, with SL brand, the white PE foams blister Bricomount (0.8 mm thickness) and Rollmount (1 mm thickness) indicated for quick fixings on multiple surfaces such as glass, metal, ceramics, wood, plastics, etc.
The Supermount transparent acrylic foam (1 mm thickness) for extra strong fixings and heavy loads.


BRICOMOUNT 19 mm x 1,5 m
ROLLMOUNT 19 mm x 5 m
SUPERMOUNT 19 mm x 1,5 m
Panoramica blister