Photoluminescent products

Safety tread photoluminescentTechnical Data Sheet application/pdf

SAFETY TREAD FOTOLUMINESCENTEAnti-slip tape with a special backing in fine-grit corundum and modified solvent acrylic adhesive. Particularly suitable for laying on floors and steps to prevent the risk of falls. Thanks to the excellent ability to accumulate light during the day, this product makes bivalent as it allows to make visible the path to be followed in the event of a power outage and prevent falls due to the anti-slip properties.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, excellent resistance against trampling, weathering, UV rays, oils, detergents and solvents.

Photoluminescent signalling tapes

NASTRO ADESIVO SEGNALETICO FOTOLUMINESCENTESingle-sided photoluminescent tape, with a vinyl backing and acrylic modified solvent adhesive.

Product suitable for delimiting areas, report on steps and stairs, escape routes and fire-fighting equipment. Visible in the dark after being exposed to light.
For indoor use only.

Available in rolls in the following sizes:
Fire exit (50 mm x 5 mt)
Red diagonal (40 mm x 10 mt)
Green diagonal (40 mm x 10 mt)
Green arrow (40 mm x 10 mt)

Anti-slip strips with reflective / photoluminescent band

Anti-slip strips with corundum backing and with a strong acrylic modified solvent adhesive.

STRISCE ANTISCIVOLO CON BANDA RIFLETTENTE/FOTOLUMINESCENTEEach strip is provided with a reflective or photoluminescent band, and different colors.

Particularly suitable for signalling steps, stairs, exit routes and prevent falls thanks to the anti-slip properties.

Available in die-cut strips (150 mm x 600 mm) in the following colors:
S-11 Reflective (Yellow)
S-12 Photoluminescent (White)
S-13 Photoluminescent and Reflective (Yellow)
S-14 Photoluminescent and Reflective (Yellow/Black)
S-15 Photoluminescent and Reflective (Red/White)